Crack/hack Windows 10 password

Crack Windows 10 password using John the ripper in Kali

  1. cd to /Media/root/Windows/System32/config  (path might be different)
  2. run “pwdump SYSTEM SAM > /root/Desktop/hashes.txt
  3. cd /Desktop/hashes.txt
  4. run “john -format=n2 -users=my_username123 hashes.txt
  5. wait…..

help : 2 methods to recover windows 10 administrator password



2 methods to recover windows 10 administrator password

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Kill Processes from Command Prompt



foremost (linux)

foremost -h
option -t is for type, -t all will recover all types.

foremost -t all -v -i /dev/sdb1 -o /root/Desktop/MyFolder1

RecoverJPEG (Linux)

recoverjpeg will recover jpeg files

fdisk -l
ID your disk
make a new folder with any name and “cd” to it


recoverjpeg /dev/sdf

done, the jpeg files will be recovered to your working directory.

Get Free Space available from disk

Command line :

fsutil volume diskfree c: > my_free_space.txt

Call criteria from Text Box


(change main_form to your form, change field_name to your box or field name)


Close Query VB

DoCmd.Close AcQuery, “QueryName”


Reset Windows 10 password(Not tested yet, will get rid of this msg)

Assuming you can boot from a live-cd or usb… like Kali.

1. Back up sethc.exe (c:\windows\system32)

2. Copy cmd.exe to seth.exe

3. Boot into Windows

4. In login screen, press shift key 5 times to get “Administrator mode command prompt”

5. Type the following: (edit the obvious)
net user username123 password123

Xerox 700 or 240 – Enter Diagnostics mode

  1. Hold 0 for five seconds, then press the “Start” button, (do not release 0 when pressing Start)
  2. Enter password 6789
  3. Press the Log in/out button. (This might not be necessary, you can go straight to the options if you go to TOOLS now).